Tableau, an easy to use, flexible, and powerful tool is a data visualization software that enables users to create beautiful and attractive charts, graphs, and tables from complex data sources. It is widely used across companies and business intelligence (BI) industries and it is useful for data blending, real-time analysis and collaboration of data. Tableau converts complex data into visually appealing, interactive visualizations in an instant. This visualization takes only minutes and is done through the use of an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. This hands-on workshop will demonstrate to you how to use Tableau, and by the end of the workshop you will be able to use Tableau to turn data into meaningful visualizations. 

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Open (no age limit)


Participation Certificates for all Participants


1) The participants will have to comply with the general rules as mentioned above.

2) Misbehavior with the Instructor or with other participants will result in removal from the live workshop.

3) Irrelevant discussions will not be entertained and will result in removal from the session immediately.