Teri Miko – Visitors at #Sector16

Teri Miko

–  Aditya Naik & Greeshma Valath

Music has been a vital aspect in man’s life through the ages. Music is food for the soul. Music too, like everything else, has undergone a lot of transformation over time. There are numerous music styles catering to wide range of audience all over the globe.

For instance, rock music ruled the 60’s, disco was a craze in retro era, heavy metal spread like a virus during the 80’s; the 90’s was dominated by country and pop. New age music like electronica, trap and trance took over during Y2K.

We are living in the 21st century. Technology has taken over all the major parts of human life. Life has become fast paced. People have grown fond of everything that is quirky and rapid, including music.

TRAP, a kind of genre signified by catchy beats and funky rhythm, has become an instant hit with party-goers. It is characterized by frequent use of multi-layered hard-lined and melodic synthesizers, crisp, rhythmic snares, deep 808 kick drums and symphonic utilization of string, brass, woodwind and keyboard instruments that give an overall dark, harsh, grim, and bleak atmosphere for the listener which was the environment that led to its creation. It has a tempo of around 140 BPM.

The trap music, very soon, came out of the four walls of the club into open air at various music festivals. People fell in love with the genre and trap music gained a lot of fan following in a very short duration.

Taking advantage of this situation, a young artist broke into the trap music scene, captivating the masses with her amazing mixing skills. There were a very few female artists who were involved with this genre at the time. The world now knows her know by the name TERI MIKO.

Teri Miko is a leading international female DJ and producer and is unquestionably the most in-demand and popular female DJ today. Straight out of Ukraine, a young Teri Miko established herself as one of the major trap artists.

She started off at the age of 18 during her “partying days” and then just took an interest in learning disco jockeying. She has been unstoppable ever since.  She’s one of the leading torchbearers of trap, a genre filled with a hard attitude that can be felt in the sound of the brass, triangle, triplet hi hats, loud kicks and snappy snares.

She’s quirky and seems to be really passionate about what she does. Teri Miko has an excellent stage presence and the ability to engage a huge crowd with her music. That kind of passion is inspiring and hard to find nowadays. She’s well established with a devoted fan following and having performed quite a number of times in India she’s acquired fans in here too.

Miko collaborates mostly on trap music and is hugely famous for her big room sound of electro and driving progressive house which is again just a testament of her hard work and the driving passion behind her music. She has graced the main stage of Big EDM festivals, STORM FESTIVALS, GOA BEACH GRIND, SOUND THERAPY etc. She’s had collaborations with Dash Berlin, Michael Woods and HardRock sofa giving insight into rising star of dance music’s leading DJ’s.

Teri Miko conducts LED sessions which is her weekly radio show broadcasted in more than 35 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and most importantly India. She has already won a lot a hearts of Indian EDM fans by expressing her love for Indian music and also shown a keen interest on collaborating with Indian artists.

Her tour diary continues to be full with performances all around the globe, spinning at world’s most exclusive VIP nightclubs, festivals like VH1 Supersonic, SunBurn and playing for the finest dance music brands. Her next stop is at our very own Alegria and it’s a going to be a guaranteed blast!!

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