We are stoked to announce that we are kick-starting a blog series today called ‘The Alegria EXperience’ wherein we let the EX-committee heads and members speak up and answer 10 of our interesting questions.
The first post is of the Publicity Committee 2017 featuring Tanya Bhutani, Sumesh Nambiar, Mahima Singhvi, Priyanka Dwivedi and Swapnil Gole.


1) How was your experience being a part of team Alegria?
Sumesh: I have been working for Alegria since I was in my second year. I have worked as a volunteer, a committee member and then as a Publicity head. The experience was amazing and fun-filled wherein we all could learn and explore something new.

Priyanka: Alegria gave us a platform which helped to get the best for Alegria as well as for us on a personal level that ultimately helped us to grow our conduct, presentation and exposure. I was honoured to be a part of such a big college fest where I could proudly let other colleges know about my college and can convince them to participate in various events.

Swapnil: Yeah! Working for Alegria was one of the most awesome and exciting experiences I ever had in my life.

2) How was your experience working along with your faculty mentor?

Sumesh: The faculty mentor for publicity from PCE was Prof. Onkar Sahasrabudhe. He was always supportive and never ever did he deny any of our demands. He always stood by our side, whatever the situation.

Priyanka: For PIMSR, the faculty head was Christina Shiju Ma’am. Her mentoring made us achieve what we wanted to. We are the record breakers of PIMSR entry counts in the past 5 years and this all happened because of the way she guided and stood by us however tough the situation might be.

Mahima: For PCACS, our faculty mentor was Jennie Ma’am. She always supported our ideas or any decisions that we ever made. She is polite and soft-spoken with good communication and writing skills, which she also tried to inculcate in us.

3) You guys achieved more than 7.5k entries last year although rejections from people would be an everyday thing for your team. How did you guys deal with that, and kept moving?

Tanya: The target given to us was 7k entries. We thought that it would be tough enough to reach the target since the previous year’s entries were around 4.8k and we had almost 3k more this year to achieve. At the initial stage we had to go through many rejections owing that Panvel is too far away, and also “Is it worth travelling so long?” and many more. But we decided not to give up. Achieving the target was our only aim. So we approached the students repeatedly, had telephonic conversations, created a hype about Alegria amongst them. Finally, they were willing to participate. The whole credit for this goes to my team without whom it would have been impossible.

4) Tell us something about the outstation venture, and how was the response?

Sumesh: Outstation was something new that was introduced in Alegria 2K17. It targeted colleges across India –
mainly from Delhi, Bangalore, Gujarat, Kerala & Pune. The preparations had started in the month of December itself. Initially, we made a list of colleges that we needed to visit. Then we had telephonic conversations with the student heads of the respective colleges. We made them aware what Alegria was, what kind of events were included in it, and what was the purpose of our visit. After getting their confirmation, we divided the members into groups and visited the colleges in the month of January. We had a thing in mind that this being the 1st year of outstation publicity there won’t be much response. But the result was overwhelming. We got more entries then we expected, and people were ready to travel all the way to Panvel to attend the fest.


5) Best experience?
Swapnil: Being PIMSR’s Publicity head, I personally had many great experiences. But if I was asked to select just one, then I’d select the day when I and Priyanka went to meet Franav Sir to tell him about PIMSR’s record-breaking achievement. He congratulated us for our efforts and hard work. Our faculty too applauded us for this feat that our team managed to achieve. We felt really happy and proud that we could contribute to this big festival and could make our faculty proud.

6) One thing you are definitely going to miss?

Mahima: The admission cell of course! That was the place where all the students and faculty members worked hard to make Alegria grow bigger and better.

Tanya: True! The admission cell is that one place which will be always be missed by every committee member, irrespective of whether they were from PCE, PCACS, PIMSR or PiCA.


7) The best thing you learnt?

Swapnil: Alegria has taught us many things. But the most important thing it taught us was how teamwork always
triumphs. It also imparted leadership qualities in us. It gave me an experience of how a leader should be.

Mahima: Yes, Sumesh just snatched what was on my mind. It’s true because as an individual you can take your own decisions but when it comes to a team decision you have to be very careful about the choices you make or desire to make. Communication is the key.


8) After working together for months how hard was it to bid goodbye to fellow team members?

Very difficult. I still miss the time we all spent together as a team. All the laughter, panic and the late working hours – everything will be missed. Alegria not only gave us a good working team but it made us connected for a lifetime. Such friendships stay connected forever.

Yeah! It was a hard time to bid goodbye to all my fellow team members. We had worked together for months. We had gone through all the ups and downs together. We were a family more than a team.


9) How was the Afterparty?
Tanya: The afterparty was a fun-filled time. It reunited the Alegrians once again, at our very own Franav farms. There were many adventure sports. We had fun in the swimming pool. We all were awarded for our efforts, but at the same time, it was also a partially sad moment since it was the last time that we all were meeting together. We all relished the good time we had before and during Alegria.

10) What do you expect from Alegria 2018?
Sumesh: I expect the 2018 edition of Alegria to be grander and better than the previous year. And being an ex- publicity head, I would expect more footfall this year. Alegria wouldn’t have been successful without the immense support of Franav Sir.

Priyanka: I would like to wish all the new committee members good luck, and I hope they do really well and even better than us. Alegria is a platform where you get to learn a lot and it stays with you forever. Even after years, everyone will miss these 2 months where all came together, worked together and grew together. I wish the Alegria 2018 committee all the best and top success!




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