The second post from the Alegria Experience Blog Series features our very own Graphics Committee 2017 feat. Sooraj Nair, Prateek Gupta and Arifuddin Ahmed! 

1) How was your experience being a part of team Alegria?

Sooraj Nair: Alegria is a world within itself. Your interaction with every student despite their branch or educational field gives you a good feeling of having done something valuable. It’s like being a part of one big joint family!

Arifuddin Ahmed:  I enjoyed working with team Alegria, and since I get along with people easily, it helped me work with this vast diversity of people throughout the festival. The overall process was quite overwhelming!

2) How was your experience working along your mentor Kannan Sir? 

Prateek Gupta: Kannan sir is the best mentor anyone can possibly get. He always used to help us when we were stuck with some design. It was always very inspiring to watch him work and learn from him.

Sooraj: Yeah! He was a great mentor and with his perfect guidance ​we learnt many things – like working with all kind of dimensions and using different softwares for their specific purposes. The knowledge he gave us will be really helpful for our lives ahead.

3) How did you handle your work pressure and deadlines?

Sooraj: The pressure was real.  When you are responsible for the visual representation of Navi Mumbai’s biggest fest you know the pressure is not going to be small. You’ll have to definitely sacrifice a few sleepless days and put on some extra late night shifts. The whole graphics team supported in completing the work on time and thus, the whole process was enjoyable.

Sooraj Nair

4) Your favourite graphic design created for Alegria 2017?
Prateek: My favourite design would be the inauguration banner made by Arif, and also those T-shirts that we made.

Sooraj: Every design that we made is close to my heart. But no Alegria is complete without the trademark yellow Alegria T-shirt. All Thanks to Prateek for such a wonderful design.

Arif: My favourite part would be the Alegria Event Brochure. Everything about it was fantastic to the core for me.

5) Best experience?
Prateek: Being a part of team Alegria is in itself a big thing. You get to meet a whole lot of new people, make new friends, work with them, brainstorm ideas and execute them. I think for me Alegria in itself is the best experience you’ll get anywhere.
Sooraj: We went on for 2 months straight without any break, and then everything came down to the finale, where it all mattered – the Alegria week. Those 5 days will always be my best experience – for it was when all of our work was appreciated and it felt good!
Arif: That moment when the banner was unveiled – WOW! The feeling when the banner unfurled – it was something really out of the world for me.

Arifuddin Ahmed

6) One thing you are definitely going to miss?
Sooraj: Definitely the graphics team and the friends I made during these days. Teamwork and understanding that we had is definitely something I would miss. And ofcourse our very own #lastcabin – the place where all of this happened.

7) Best thing you learnt?
Prateek: Teamwork. No doubt. If you work with your team, you can do almost anything and everything. No task seems impossible with your team having your back.

Arif: Obviously, that factor of working with a team is the first thing you learn here. Also keeping up with the schedule every day is something which I learnt.
8) After working together for months, how hard was it to bid goodbye to fellow team members?

Sooraj: It was definitely a sad moment for all of us. We were together in a cubicle for 2-3 months, creating stuff together as a team. Plus, these guys made sure that the mood remained jolly and funny throughout, no matter how tight the deadline or how intricate the designs were. So it does become difficult to bid adieu to such people.

Prateek Gupta

9) How was the Afterparty?
Arif: Only one word could describe it perfectly – AMAZING!. The whole atmosphere at the afterparty where all of us met one last time was simply exhilarating. The rain dance was the main highlight.

10) What do you expect from Alegria 2018?
Prateek: I expect it to be grander than all the past Alegria’s combined! Hoping it just gets bigger and better with every edition!

Sooraj: Every year Alegria raises its bar- especially by creating something with a higher standard than the previous one. I just wish Alegria continues this trend and justifies its tag of being one of the biggest college festivals in India.

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