The third post is of the MARKETING COMMITTEE 2017 featuring Pushkar Dandekar, Shubham Srivastav and Sunayna Mohan .


1) Your experience being a part of team Alegria?

Pushkar :  One of the best experience of my life so far. It gave me a chance to be more than a regular college student. It gave me a chance to be a part of something really big and amazing.

2)  How was your experience working along your faculty mentor?

Shubham: Tanvi Ma’am is one of the coolest mentors I have ever come across. In the initial days she taught us about the entire process. From every first day itself she  made sure that the team worked as one. She was always just a call away to solve any query or doubt we had.

3) How did you handle your work pressure and deadlines?

Sunayna : I was introduced to a totally new concept of marketing. I had seen how publicity is done but marketing was way beyond my thinking. I was actually exposed to the corporate world and how things work out there.

There was never too much of work pressure, but yes there was definitely a target to achieve  for every individual, which created a challenging environment. The entire team was very helpful in meeting each other’s  target.


Sunayna Mohan

4) One interesting marketing call you went by?

Pushkar:  It was around last week of January. The fest was just a week away. We all were informed that it was the last day to bring any new clients. I called up a newly opened café in Kharghar. And that deal was finalized on that day itself. Usually it takes a week to finalize. But I think I was lucky enough to crack the deal on that day itself.

Pushkar Dandekar

5) Best experience

Shubham : Well after having such an amazing festival, it’s hard to say which was my best experience. But if I had to choose it might be the afterparty. It was a representation of another successful year of Alegria, and the celebrations that day were amazing.

Shubham Srivastav

6) One thing you are definitely going to miss

Pushkar : I am gonna miss the entire Alegria team. Alegria  introduced me to whole bunch of creative people . I also have a soft corner for the Alegria office. The 2-3 months spent there working are really happy moments for all of us.

Shubham : Yes! Those preparation months.It was the time when it didn’t matter what department you were from. All of us worked as a one big team.

Sunayna : They took the words right out of my mouth.

7)  Best thing you learnt

Pushkar : The best thing I have learnt is professionalism. I’ve come to understand that different people need to be handled differently, and that will let me tackle the real world more easily.

Shubham : Team work. And I am not talking about teamwork among a 3-4 people. Now I know what it is like to  work side by side with over 200 people.

Sunayna : I finally understood the actual meaning behind the saying ” A single twig breaks. But a bundle of twigs are strong”

8) After working together for months how hard was it to bid goodbye to fellow team members

Sunayna:  When you have worked side by side for so long on such a huge thing, you tend to make a strong bond with your fellow team members. And when it strikes you  that all of this has come to an end, you cannot find words to express it.

9) How was the Afterparty?

Pushkar : Every Alegria team member is  excited for the Afterparty. The only college in Mumbai to come up with such good concept is Pillai’s. As the Alegria fest is getting bigger and better so is its Afterparty.

This was  a way in  which the authorities  showed  that they acknowledge the hard work we have done throughout the fest. And that made the party even more special.

10) What do you expect from Alegria 2018?

Shubham :  It’s safe to say that the expectations have never been higher. For this time, the fest has to portray a whole city.The whole city’s eyes are towards Alegria 2018. I know the committee this year will  take the fest to a whole new level.

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