The 4th blog post of #TheAlegriaExperience Blog Series is of the Logistics Committee 2017 feqt. Sagar Patil, Yash Wakodikar, Kritesh Rai and Fahim Tambe. Enjoy reading what their experience was like!

1) Your experience being a part of team Alegria?

Sagar Patil: My experience being a part of team Alegria was awesome. The unity and the bond which we developed in those 2 months were much stronger and special than a normal friendship


Yash Wakodikar: Alegria is one of the best parts of my life which I can never forget and Alegria team was my family. Being part of Alegria, I was very happy and excited and trust me, you will never forget this festival in your whole life. Alegria has taught us many things like how to deal with different circumstances, how to handle work load, how to work as a team member and I’m sure this thing will help me in my future life. So, thanks to Alegria for giving me lots of unforgettable moments.

Fahim Tambe: These guys are right. It’s a great learning experience for everyone. I have surely learned a lot during those days, how to handle work pressure and sudden demands from creativity team. It’s all about tackling different situations.

2) How was your experience working along with your mentor Avinash Sir?

Sagar: When you work with the best, you have to give your best. And when your mentor is showcasing that kind of interest and dedication, then the best comes out automatically.

Yash: So true. He is brilliant. I respect him from all my heart. He is a very hardworking guy and there are so many things which we should learn from Avinash sir, like how he treats everyone, how he handles such pressure and much more. He is very helpful and I can guarantee anyone who has worked with him, can’t forget him.

Kritesh Rai: I completely agree. He is the backbone of logistics department and provided us all the resources we needed. He is simply amazing. He was the best leader and mentor we could’ve asked for.

Sagar Patil

3) How did you handle your work pressure and deadlines?

Sagar: The work pressure was pretty hectic but luckily, I had a team with the most energetic and disciplined members. Hence, we could easily manage the peer pressure without any complaints or demands.


Yash: We used to plan everything before and our work was distributed to every logistics’ member equally and every member was very hard working and they tried to finish their work before deadline without fail and then who finished their work before time, used to help others. So, logistics 2017 was best team.

Fahim: We had already planned our duties and every task was divided between group members. So we had already completed task before deadline. It was a well scheduled and planned way of working.

4) Logistics involves keeping track of numbers and records. Who among your team was the fastest when it comes to numbers?

Sagar: Rajesh Desai. He was very efficient and dedicated along with being smart.

Kritesh: Hands down, Rajesh was the one who used to tally all our buying and selling. We were involved in the outdoor work.

Yash: Yeah! It has to be Rajesh.

5) Best experience

Sagar: The best experience was to work with the Alegria team which is always so enthusiastic and to be the logistics’ head. I met a lot of new people, made new friends. Alegria team is like family now. Inseparable.


Yash: Best experience was night outs we used to pull for Alegria’s work and 2nd was when I visited one of the biggest offices in Mumbai which is Bombay Stock Exchange office for some work with Avi sir. I entered in office and that office was amazed at how huge it was and so wonderful to see every employee well dressed and so professional.

Fahim: Team work. So many people working for a single cause and with all their heart gives you a different high.

6) One thing you are definitely going to miss

Sagar: Working with Alegria family. It’s the best bunch of people to work with and the most fun and productive with a zest for making this fest the biggest. It’s the most amazing experience one can have.

Kritesh: Undoubtedly, Alegria is one unforgettable memory which is very close to me. So, I will very much miss it.

Yash Wakodikar & Kritesh Rai

7) Best thing you learnt

Sagar: The best thing that I have learnt on my personal behalf is “one can’t but the team can”.

Yash: I got many life lessons from Alegria and when it comes to the learning experience, Alegria has taught me how to work professionally, how to handle pressure and how to manage the things like work, family and friends simultaneously.

Kritesh: It is true that you can’t stand alone in such a big fest. You need committee and support which was provided by Franav Sir. Also, when you work as a part of the fest, you realise the strength of teamwork.  

8) After working together for months how hard was it to bid goodbye to fellow team members?

Sagar: It was not easy to bid goodbye to the fellow team members. But this is what life teaches us: some people come, some people go. This is how you have go on.

Yash: I never said goodbye to them because they became my family and we meet once in week. We talk about Alegria, we laugh we share those memories and I wish we should get an another opportunity to work together.

Fahim Tambe

9) How was the after party?

Sagar: It was awesome. It was super fun and so honouring to receive acknowledgement certificate from our very own Franav Sir.

10) What do you expect from Alegria 2018?

Yash: I don’t have any expectations because Alegria is perfect and the biggest college festival in Navi Mumbai so I just want to work for Alegria and creates unforgettable memories with team Alegria.

Kritesh: I’m sure the current team and committees know the expectations and also we must not burden or pressurise the. They know how it works. Well, it’s safe to say that it would be the best fest in Navi Mumbai for years to come.

Fahim: I hope Alegria 2018 would be much more energetic, filled with lots of fun and innovative concepts differentiating it from all college fest, making Alegria 2018 one of best fest across Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. I hope and wish the team does well.

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