The 5th blog post of #TheAlegriaExperience Blog Series is of the Creative Committee 2017 feat. Abhijit Prakashan, Rishika Karna, Subiram Sunil and Neeraj Sapane. Enjoy reading what their experience was like!

1) Your experience being a part of team Alegria?

Abhijit Prakashan– This year was like a rollercoaster which was exciting from the very first meeting to the brainstorming sessions, to the countless hours spent working on various installations, to the final day. Working in Alegria is an experience that can only be understood or appreciated after you’ve done it.

Rishika Karna – Alegria left a huge impact on me. It made me learn about many different things which wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t a part of the Alegria team. As being the head and the member of creative team, I came across different people from other colleges with different perspective and ideas and managing as well as implementing them at a large scale

2) How was your experience working along your faculty mentor?

Subiram Sunil – Our faculty mentor were Ranjita ma’am and Avinash Sir. Ranjita maam always supported our ideas and decisions and Avinash Sir always made sure that we get our requirements on time. Without them it would have been difficult to work.

Neeraj Sapane–  As I am a Student of PiMSR, it was difficult to manage lectures and creativity work but faculty mentors planned very good schedule for us and I made very good relations with the faculties.

Abhijit– We were lucky as we had an awesome faculty mentors who were very supportive and invested in our work. They took regular updates about the team, the progress of work and continuously helped and backed us.

3) How did you handle your work pressure and deadlines?

Abhijit– The pressure to make this year bigger and better than previous years’ was huge. The deadlines were usually met because there were multiple heads from different streams working together and handling different aspects of the work. But whenever the pressure was too much, I’d take a walk or just do some deep breathing to calm myself.

Subiram– As a creative team we had a lot of pressure as we had to decorate the whole campus with our installations. We had to work late and sacrifice our sleep to meet the deadline but we all enjoyed the whole process.

Abhijit Prakashan

4) Best installment of Alegria 2k17 according to you and your experience making it?

Abhijit– Best installation was the Temple Run entrance to the reception pathway. It was among the last installation on which we started working. It took a lot of time and we encountered many challenges, but in the end, it looked just as pretty as the rest.

Rishika– Well, according to me, best installment of Alegria 2k17 was string art done on the wall under Franav Sir’s cabin. As it was a surprise installation, nobody except Creativity Team had seen it before the day of Alegria. Committee members worked all night to complete it which turned out to be most amazing and photographed installation of the whole festival.

Rishika Karna

5) Best Experience

Abhijit– The best experience was on the first day of Alegria, when I saw people smiling, laughing and  enjoying themselves as they clicked pics with our installations. That moment completely erased all the tiredness and charged me up for the long day ahead.

Neeraj– Best experience was dancing with Shibani Dandekar and my selfie with her, and she uploaded that pic on her Instagram story.Also work experience and making many friends is the best experience.

Rishika– The night before Alegria was best experience as we were putting all the installations at its place. Even though it was cold, we all worked so hard and had so much fun together. It was one of the most memorable nights.

Subiram– My best experience was when all the installations were installed. It was such an amazing feeling because we all were working on it from 2 months without any break and when everyone appreciated our work.

Subiram Sunil

6)One thing you are definitely going to miss.

Subiram – Definitely the whole creative team. We had a lot of fun while working and the workshop where we used to work.

Abhijit– I’ll miss working together, all the friends and memories that I’ve made over the course of the previous months, which actually feels like an eternity now.

7) Best thing you learnt.

Rishika– Being one of the heads of Creative Team has taught me so many things which wouldn’t have been possible other way round. Cooperating with all the teams of Alegria, implementing ideas at a large scale, working on budget, etc. Because of this I have learnt a great deal of things.

Subiram– Teamwork. No doubt I have learned that if u work in a team then nothing is impossible.

8) After working together for months how hard was it to bid goodbye to fellow team members

Abhijit– It was very difficult and emotional. Everyone was in tears as they said their goodbyes after the concert on the last day of Alegria.

Neeraj– We were literally crying and hugging each other and took many pics together.

Neeraj Sapane

9) How was the Afterparty?

Subiram– Afterparty was amazing, the whole team was reunited. We had lot of fun at the farmhouse and we all were rejoiced to see our installations that we made for alegria were reinstalled at the farmhouse and it was great pleasure to get felicitated by Franav sir.

Abhijit-The after-party was an absolute bash. It was like a big get-together, where we got to meet everyone at once.

10) What do you expect from Alegria 2018?

Neeraj– No expectations .Everyone knows it will be as great as every year.

Subiram–  I just wish Alegria continues the trend of putting something new every year and justifies its tag of being one of the biggest college festivals in India.

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