The Banner Unveiling Ceremony

The Banner Unveiling Ceremony

– Birjis Patel and Aravind Acharya

The banner unveiling ceremony was nothing short of a massive and glorious affair. It’s less than a month for Alegria, the biggest college festival in Navi Mumbai and the hype and excitement among the students is off the roof. ’Mumbai’ being the theme of Alegria 2k18,the students and committee members are putting in a lot of effort to keep up with the standards of Alegria. Flash mobs and the banner unveiling ceremony are the limelights of Alegria every year. However, this year was different and way grander and special, as the cast of ‘Aiyaary’, Siddharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet Singh officiated the banner unveiling ceremony which is the first of its kind in the whole of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Never before has any college festival of Navi Mumbai had movie stars officiate the banner unveiling ceremony of their college fests. The event was huge and everyone’s excitement level was reaching the skies.

The crew of ‘Aiyaary’ coordinated with the Team Alegria in order to shoot for their movie song titled the ‘Koi Khaani Shuru Toh Kar’. Dressed in vibrant colours, the students of Pillai College welcomed the entire crew of ‘Aiyaary’ with joy and smiles on their faces and grooved along with the lead actors. With a crowd of over 5000 students, the shoot of the song got amazingly energetic and did complete justice to being a “Youth Anthem”. They were very enthusiastic in the colourful environment and it helped the crew with a joyous crowd.

The banner unveiling ceremony took place in the latter half of the day which included a flash mob which was cherished by everyone. The event was put together beautifully and every student had their best time. Dr. KM Vasudevan Pillai along with Dr. Daphne Pillai, Mr. Franav Pillai and Mrs. Munavira Kotiya Pillai graced the stage during the banner unveiling ceremony. The ceremony was majestic in itself as both Siddharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet Singh put on their dancing shoes and joined in on the celebrations the students were having in welcoming Alegria 2k18.

The day was upbeat with students thrilled as they got to be a part of a movie song starring Siddharth and Rakul.
Excitement among the students could be felt as the wait for their beloved college fest begins.

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