VIAN FERNANDES – Visitors at #Sector16

Vian Fernandes

– Tilby Susan Thomas

Music has no boundaries or limitations. It surpasses every barrier and every obstacle to narrate its own story. Music understands just one universal language- the language of the soul. Each note, each cadence is like the beat pulsing through our veins.

Music opens up various dimensions to give a voice to our feelings. It captures the essence of life in its various chords. Each genre of music weaves its own magic and transports us to a completely different realm.

Vian Fernandes started his music career from the stage of X Factor India in 2011 as part of the band ‘Nirmitee’. Their music was completely different from the usual style and appealed to the urban audience.

His rapping was especially noticed and appreciated by both judges and the masses. Vian went on to join the Kerala-based music band- ‘Thaikkudam Bridge’, as their bass guitarist. He mainly does Indian Rap and Reggae.

This zealous rapper from Ambernath has made many music albums over the years. Some of his songs like Pahadi, Parinda and Savera have a social message.

Pahadi is a song wherein Vian has created his own language and the basic idea is that anyone can interpret this song according to his/her feelings or thoughts at the time. This is to show that music is not bound by language and that its meaning and significance changes from person to person.

Parinda was mainly focused on the empowerment of the girl child and how every child has a dream in his/her eyes. It speaks of how they can strive to realise their dreams and fly high.

Savera’s main focus was to highlight the life of differently abled children and a call to everyone to do their bit for creating a better society. Vian has used his music to create awareness regarding many such important social causes.

This year’s solo rapping competition promises to be a blast with Vian Fernandes as our judge for the event at Alegria 2017.

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