Nucleya – Visitors at #Sector16

We happily bring to you the news series “Visitors at #Sector16”. Today we will have a look at the journeys of Nucleya and Lost Stories who will be performing at our very own Pillai campus. Watch this space for more news about the various other national & international artists and celebrity guests who will make their presence known in Alegría 2k17….


Sooraj Nair

One of the early dubstep producers in India, Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya has emerged as one of the most experimental, exciting and engaging music producers in the Indian scene in five short years, his main highlight being focusing on sounds and beats that are Indian to the ear but international in appeal.


From playing a short set at a small pub in the posh parts of Delhi to playing on the main stage at NH7 Weekender and finally opening for Skrillex and Major Lazer – the growth of Nucleya as a brand and the overwhelming popularity it has received is extraordinary.
Nucleya has become a case study for successful home-grown musicians who aren’t part of the Bollywood circuit. How does a guy making fusion/Indian influenced electronic music manage to pack halls in towns that aren’t Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore? How does he have young kids across the country from Jalandhar to Chennai yelling his lyrics back at him? Sure, Nucleya’s music does have some common elements most of the time, but he has repeatedly disagreed to calling his music as EDM and has stated before (and we agree with him) that his music is a genre unto itself.

“I chose this genre because it has a very strong bass throughout, and simple half-time drums. It requires a minimal approach in making, but requires the hybrid mind of an engineer and a music composer to layer the right sounds together. With these qualities, one can flex dubstep elements in almost any other style of music.”


In a career of constant ups and downs, luckily Udyan never had to tackle a disapproving family or crushing money troubles. He did odd jobs -like selling CDs at a music store so he wouldn’t have to ask his family for money, and they were fully supportive of him.


Udyan also mentions the huge, untapped market that is college audiences: “I do think it’s a huge audience we’re talking about. I mean as an artist I’m not aware about the market and I don’t know about the market. Like I had this gig at a University, and took it casually thinking bada mazaa aayega. I went there and to my surprise there were some 35 to 40 thousand kids there. And even more surprisingly they knew all my songs”, he smiles.


Nucleya isn’t just targeting college audiences – he’s found fans in even younger kids, most recently at the YouTube Fanfest where he played to school-going teens who were at the event with their parents. –“I thought kisi ko samajh mein nahin aayega, but my manager convinced me to go and I was blown away. They knew everything. They knew all my songs, it was amazing.”


When asked the meaning behind the word ‘Nucleya’, he says “There is unfortunately no meaning as such, Nucleya was my email password way back in the days and I just thought it was cool to use it as a moniker.”


He feels that the Bollywood is at the cusp of embracing cool and edgy stuff. “It is still big, and it’s difficult to go beyond that, but if we play the game correctly, we will at least get a chance to battle it at some point over the next five years.”


When asked about his experience playing at Alegria last year, he says, “Honestly, it’s very refreshing to play in a college festival where the energy of the students is incredible, and the production is top notch. It’s very rare to get a good sound system, and this sound system is far better than the ones I’ve seen in most music festivals. Incredible energy, beautiful people, such amazing production! I haven’t played in any college festival which is as good as this one!” And so we have him back this year at Alegria 2017!
From playing organiser-promoter-DJ at gigs in farmhouses on the outskirts of Ahmedabad to performing to crowds of 50,000+ people at music festivals, the bomb that is Nucleya has clearly detonated.


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